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Painting the Sky by NovaHeroi

The fact that the main focus is the sky yet the fore front comes into view as well is just exquisite. The coloring is bold and fits tog...

the dark hedges by Ben-Kelevra

The angle of the photo compliments this piece tremendously. The way you managed to capture the different shades and colors of greens an...

Home and the Fairies by zancan
by zancan

The way you have the different angles and lighting contrast is inspiring. The details you took the time to add to everything from the w...


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Waiting For His Return by calley14
Waiting For His Return
As some of you already know my S/O is in the military, army to be exact, I had these pinups (all the ones I have posted) done for him as a present. This and the other one of me in the bed "Sheer Ecstasy" are my two favorites. If you look at them you can see all the love and compassion I have for him. It's not a secret and it never will be.

Photo done by Capital Bombshell Photography
The breath of death rolls down my back.
It's getting colder and colder as I just sit and wait.
The icy fingers of her hand scrapes down my spine in a seductive and taunting way.
She knows I'm near my limit yet she also knows it's not my time.
She just waits and watches; while I ponder and stew.
She laughs cruelly at all the throws and punches aimed my way.
Knowing that each one slowly and surely dents my armor of faith and security.
My nerves get jumbled and strained.
Keeping me up at night; and having me hold my breath the think straight.
The hands on my arms shake from the self restraints I use to keep from lashing out at those who deal me pain.
My chest constricts with pain from holding back the tears of broken friendships and truths told in vain.
Pain rips at my ribs as I fight to stay focused on what really matters and keep the peace at all cost.
Is this worth it? For them to be happy and me to be in a punishing, self inflicted hell?
Can I truly last more days; months; even years?
The death herself watches as she sees me writhe in self disappointment and pain.
She basks in the glory of my ever crumbling reality.
But wait; she will soon be growling in hatred and vain when he takes me away from the pain.
From the tears and heart ache.
He is my one and only; my lost love.
He is my saving grace and my glowing future.
He is my last chance at happiness.
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~Vala Annwyl~
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States

The sorting hat says that I belong in Hufflepuff!

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stamp :: cat lover by octobre-rouge

Hiyas!!!! I'm Chryston (Vala Annwyl) I'm 50% city girl, 50% country girl and a 100% Trouble Maker. I LOVE photography and writing. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. I'd rather be wearing a pair of my old blue jeans with, of course, my belt, a t-shirt, and my cowboy boots instead of some fancy-smancy outfit that looks weird. I express myself through my photography and writings to others instead of my words. I ADORE animals and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Sometimes I'd rather spend time with my animals than the humans I know. I'd rather be barefoot than wearing shoes. I tend to get overly excited about the weirdest things that most people wouldn't consider worthy of getting overly excited over....oh well that's their opinion NOT MINE. (News flash I'm NOT most people.) I'm originally from Texas, but I was mainly raised in Virginia. I'm quiet and shy around people of whom I don't know, and mainly keep to myself. I LOVE a good book and enjoy watching cartoons revised from comics such as, Thundercats, TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and of course Scooby-Doo. I can't read comics because they give me migraines, I'm VERY opinionated and I DO NOT TAKE KINDLY TO BULLING OF ANY KIND. I listen to mainly country, classic rock such as: (Creed, ACDC, BonJovi, etc.), contempary christian, christian rock (Skillet, Manic Drive, Red, etc.) and some modern day music like (Ke$ha, Selena Gomez & the Scene, Bruno Mars, etc.) my favorite sayings are OHMYGOODNESS, what the fudge, good golly miss molly, holly mother of pearl, that's a real knee slapper (don't ask), and one of my personal favorites fudge nuggets, and my Life Quote is "Everything Happens For A Reason".

I mainly do photography but I write here and there as well. I mainly take pictures of nature so everyone can see the beauty of Mother Earth. I adore nature and feel closes to the element earth. My favorite place to read is nestled in the roots of an old oak that is covered in fuzzy green moss. I prefer to be barefoot, but wear shoes when necessary. Again I say I'm 50% city girl, 50% country girl and a 100% trouble maker, according to my family, and I would have to agree with them. I take pride in the family I have, even though we are a bit dysfunctional. I have a HUGE family which includes my blood family and my surrogate family (who is my Twin aka BFFE's family, and all of the soul siblings that I have gathered in the years).

I have several nicknames and I cherish EACH and every one:
Treeston-of which my surrogate family calls me (when I'm not in trouble...tehe).
SweetPea - my mama, daddy, and some of my grandparents call me.
Gigglebot - some of my dearest friends call me. (I tend to laugh...A LOT)
Sis - my little sister calls me this (when she's not mad at me of course).
Last but not least
Twin - my Twin aka BFFE (Best Friends For Eternity) Amber, calls me this.

I'm an animal lover and friend for life when you ask. I take friendship seriously and with an open heart and mind. My mama introduced me and my sister to different religions at an early age and taught us not to judge a person because of what religion they practice, and to be excepting of others no matter what their race, believes, or appearance is. The saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is a wise saying among all others.

Favorite genre of music: Country
Favorite style of art: Photography
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favorite cartoon character: Scooby-Doo,
Personal Quote: Everything Happens For a Reason

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